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Hello , any idea how to create such a cover ? any online site or s/w






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Draconian Guppy

printscreen, paste/copy/ shrink paste/repeat in paint

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yup done that but was wondering if any other way as zoom tool , thanks


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      Facebook is bringing Shops to WhatsApp in a major e-commerce push
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      Facebook introduced its e-commerce platform, Shops, to Instagram in July of last year after unveiling the service two months prior to help businesses sell their products online. Today, the social networking site announced that Shops will be coming to WhatsApp.

      The upcoming integration will make it easier to purchase products via Shops in select countries. Meanwhile, in the U.S., Facebook will add Shops to Marketplace in order to help businesses sell their products to more than one billion monthly visitors worldwide.

      It's one of the new updates Facebook unveiled today as part of its e-commerce push. The company also revealed that it will display product ratings and reviews on Shops in Instagram over the next few months, with additional details like photos and videos from the community coming soon as well.

      Another update is the launch of Shops ads, intended to give people a personalized shopping experience based on their shopping behavior. The new experience will "send shoppers to where they are most likely to make a purchase" based on their shopping preference.

      On Instagram, Facebook will test an AI-based capability called Visual Search over the coming months to help people upload their own photos in order to search for similar products. For example, users can tap on an image of a pair of denim jeans to find similar items.

      For shoppers who prefer to shop for items virtually, Facebook is making it possible to virtually fit or try on a product before buying it, courtesy of a new augmented reality-based experience that's rolling out to Shops. The new feature is thanks to new API integrations with Modiface and Perfect Corp. Business will also be able to add AR product catalogs to their ads with new upcoming tools. Today's announcement highlights Facebook's growing focus on revamping the way people shop on its apps.

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      Facebook ads for Oculus Quest face major setback as developer opts out due to backlash
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      Last week, Facebook announced that it will begin testing in-headset ads for the Oculus Quest soon. It stated that it will kick off the process with Resolution Games' Blaston and a couple of other unnamed developers. Today, Resolution Games has backed out of the trial in a major setback for Facebook considering no other developer willing to participate in the test has been revealed yet.

      The move to introduce in-headset ads in Blaston faced some pushback particularly because it is a paid game with a $9.99 price tag, so players obviously did not take kindly to the announcement and showed their displeasure by leaving negative reviews on the store listing. In a statement to The Verge, Resolution Games' CEO Tommy Palm has announced that the company is reversing course following feedback from players, saying that:

      The executive has hinted that it may decide to continue the in-headset ads trial in one of its free titles like Bait! in the future, but those plans haven't been finalized yet either. It remains to be seen how Facebook does damage control in this recent development and potentially tap some other major developer who is willing to show in-headset ads in their Oculus Quest game.

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      Facebook is testing ads inside its Oculus Quest headset
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      Facebook announced today that it is testing in-headset ads in its Oculus Quest virtual reality platform over the next few weeks. The company will kick off the test with Resolution Games' Blaston along with other developers.

      The move marks the first time ads will show up inside the Oculus VR system. Facebook aims for the test to gather feedback from developers and the community. In the future, the company plans to expand ads across the entire Oculus platform and its mobile app after incorporating input from the early testers. You will have the option to open an ad or save the link for later.

      Facebook will also provide guidance to businesses and developers in terms of putting ads on Oculus. As usual, you'll have the option to hide specific ads or companies from showing up in ads and there will be no changes to how the firm collects and processes user information. Facebook vowed to keep sensitive data including raw images from Oculus sensors and weight or height data from Oculus Move on-device. The company also promised that it won't use movement data, voice interactions, nor the content of your conversations to target ads.

      Of course, developers will receive their share from ad revenues that appear in their apps, although it isn't clear how much they're getting. While the in-headset ads are still in early testing, Facebook revealed that it's "exploring new ad formats that are unique to VR."

    • By hellowalkman
      Facebook to make jobs of group admins easier with a bunch of new tools
      by Sayan Sen

      Admins and moderators on any online forum have a hard time managing their respective communities and Facebook groups are no different. So, in order to make the work of admins easier, the social media giant today is introducing several new tools that'll assist in the management of such groups.

      First up is Admin Home, which is a new simplified interface for admins to help monitor and manage the groups.

      Here's what Facebook says it will allow you to do:

      Keeping an eye on every comment or post in a group is difficult for moderators or admins, especially in a group that is a large one. Now, a feature to help with comment moderation is coming to the Admin Home panel. It will allow an admin to set specific criteria for automatic moderation of posts and comments based on the several criteria options available. It will also help defend against spam and restrict promotional material.

      The attached video walks you through the available options.

      AI will also be lending its hand to assist admins to alert them about potential squabbles when it detects anything of that nature. The feature, still being tested, is called "Conflict Alerts". This will allow admins to take action against such activities swiftly.

      Another new feature called "member summary" is also being introduced. The feature is pretty self-explanatory from the name itself and will allow admins to check data related to their post history and such for specific members in a group.

      There are more features still like appealing directly to Facebook in case admins want some content to be directly reviewed by Facebook itself. These features are gradually rolling out to everyone and should be available to users across desktop and mobile. You can read more about it here.

    • By hellowalkman
      Google, Amazon, and more, to be sued over the "world's biggest data breach"
      by Sayan Sen

      Online protection of our private data is always a hot topic in today's world that revolves around the internet. Big tech companies often face the brunt of regulators and such due to the amount of data they collect and manage. In the latest development related to this, a Senior Fellow at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL), Dr. Johnny Ryan, has decided to file a lawsuit against the IAB Tech Lab. The lawsuit is being filed in a Hamburg District Court against what the ICCL believes is the "world's biggest data breach".

      IAB Tech Lab is a consortium comprising of some of the biggest tech firms, like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., and it's responsible for providing the technical standards based on which the online digital ad space operates.

      In the digital ads marketplace, ads are placed on various websites using a method called Real-time bidding (RTB). RTB is the process in which digital advertising inventory is bought and sold in real-time. In its lawsuit, the ICCL has pointed out that the use of RTB greatly violates the user privacy of millions since so much personal data is being shared across vast networks.

      Here's what Dr. Johnny Ryan has said about the matter:

      A list of the biggest nine names that broadcast the highest amount of RTBs has been provided by ICCL. It contains the names of some usual suspects.

      For more details about the matter, you can visit ICCL's official webpage.

      This isn't the first time a lawsuit related to RTB has been filed as Google was recently slapped with a €220 million (~$268 million) fine by a French investigation body that the company agreed to settle with.

      Source and images: ICCL