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Hello , any idea how to create such a cover ? any online site or s/w






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Draconian Guppy

printscreen, paste/copy/ shrink paste/repeat in paint

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yup done that but was wondering if any other way as zoom tool , thanks


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    • By Usama Jawad96
      Facebook believes it made the right decision in banning Trump, but has referred the case
      by Usama Jawad

      Former U.S. President Donald Trump was banned from various social media platforms earlier this month. Among these was Facebook, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally announcing the suspension, stating that it was indefinite and would continue at least until then President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

      With the aforementioned stipulation now complete, Facebook has deferred the case to its independent Oversight Board, while emphasizing that it believes it made the right call in suspending Trump's account a couple of weeks ago.

      In a blog post, Facebook has highlighted that the case has been referred to the Oversight Board, which was formed last year and consists of global civic leaders from various backgrounds and industries. You can view the full list of members here.

      Facebook has emphasized that it believes that it made the right decision in suspending Trump's account under "extraordinary circumstances" on January 7, and it hopes that the Oversight Board will agree to the indefinite ban based on the justifications provided. The firm went on to say that:

      It is important to note that the Oversight Board's decision will be final and not even Zuckerberg will have the authority to veto it. Facebook will also be open to recommendations from the organization about how to deal with cases of suspending political leaders, should the need arise in the future.

      The Oversight Board's process for assessing the case will also be of interest to some readers. From a bird's eye view, a five-member panel will review the case and Trump's page administrators will be allowed to submit statements as to why Facebook's original decision will be overturned. The panel will have up to 90 days to achieve a decision that has to be supported by a simple majority of Oversight Board members. In response, Facebook will have seven days to implement the recommendations made by the panel and up to 30 days to respond to them. The findings of the case and the final outcome will be published on the Oversight Board's website here.

    • By News Staff
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      by Steven Parker

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    • By zikalify
      Facebook improves photo descriptions for the visually impaired
      by Paul Hill

      Facebook has announced that it has improved its automatic alternative text (AAT) feature. AAT was introduced in 2016 as a way to generate alternative text on photos to help the visually impaired understand what was going on in the picture, with today’s update the feature can detect the content of images ten times more reliably and provide better information.

      According to the social network, the boost in concepts and improvements in reliability mean that AAT can provide information on more pictures. Facebook said that it can detect activities, landmarks, types of animals and more – an example description generated by AAT could read “May be a selfie of 2 people, outdoors, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.”

      In the previous iteration of AAT, if you uploaded a picture of two friends having their photos taken and people in the background were passing by, AAT would generate a message saying “May be an image of five people” as it included those in the background; the new iteration is more intelligent and incorporates positional location and the relative size of elements. The new system would say there are two people in the centre of the photo and others scattered towards the fringes of the image.

      Artificial intelligence has been introducing great benefits for those that are visually impaired in recent years. When internet connections were slow, alt text was frequently used as a back-up against photos not loading, the alt text could be used by screen readers to tell visually impaired people what the image was showing. As connections got faster, alt text wasn’t used as much but artificial intelligence tools like AAT are now able to fill the gap and provide good descriptions of what’s shown in a shot.

    • By zikalify
      Indian government asks WhatsApp to backtrack on privacy policy
      by Paul Hill

      According to a report from Reuters, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology asked WhatsApp to backtrack on its planned privacy policy changes which saw it lose users to rivals Telegram and Signal. In a letter, the government complained to WhatsApp saying it was unfair that European users won’t be affected by the changes but Indians will.

      WhatsApp's planned changes have also attracted the attention of Turkish authorities which have launched an antitrust probe. In response to the criticism, WhatsApp delayed the enforcement of its new terms by three months so they won’t be enacted until May 15; ultimately, this will give India more time to pressure the firm over the planned changes.

      According to Reuters, the Ministry, writing to WhatsApp head Will Cathcart, said:

      Accompanying the letter are several questions that India’s IT ministry would like WhatsApp to answer, they ask about which categories of data WhatsApp collects from Indian users, the permissions sought by WhatsApp and the utility of each of these permissions, whether WhatsApp captures information about other running apps, what user profiling goes on and how WhatsApp’s privacy policies differ from country to country.

      WhatsApp has not provided comments to the media about the changes but it previously said the policy wouldn’t affect the privacy of users’ messages with personal contacts. Reuters reports that WhatsApp is running an advertising campaign in India to help quell people’s fears and keep them using the app.

      Source: Reuters

    • By zikalify
      Hungary could copy Poland in sanctioning social media firms
      by Paul Hill

      Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga took to Facebook earlier today to announce that she will be consulting with the Hungarian Competition Authority about sanctioning social media firms that engage in ‘unfair commercial practices’. She named Facebook as a firm that tries to reduce the reach of Christian, conservative, and right-wing opinions and that she has personal experience of her posts being "shadow banned".

      Her announcement to go after social media firms comes just days after the Polish government said it was looking to introduce a free speech social media law that would create a free speech council that could issue fines to social media firms if they delete content or ban users who do not break Polish laws.

      Aside from meeting with the Hungarian Competition Authority, Varga also convened a meeting of the country’s Digital Freedom Committee to look into the issue. She said that the committee also works at the EU level to help regulate global tech companies. Both Hungary and Poland have said that this issue must be tackled by the EU but are working for national solutions in the meantime.

      It’s unclear how much support other EU countries would provide to such proposals but German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously stated that Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter was problematic so Poland and Hungary may find some support there.

      Source: Judit Varga (Facebook) via Reuters