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So the other day I made the full switch from Firefox (which i had been using since Phoenix) to Google Chrome. For the past month or so on my couch computer, I would be in Firefox and everything would be good but then after having it open for a few hours youtube would start to run like ass. I'd look at Firefox.exe and it would be up to about 1.5 gigs. So i'd kill it and all would be good for another few hours. Maybe an addon (not using adblock plus) .. maybe a corrupt profile)


One nice thing I like about Chrome, is that I can now chromecast directly from which ever video i'm watching without having to copy and paste the URL into Chrome. I don't understand why Firefox has chromecast built into the Android version of Firefox and not the desktop version. 


I do miss not being able to drop the address bar down and select recently typed URLs. But that's ok, I only used 3 of the URL's on Firefox I just added those to a folder on the bookmark bar in chrome.


I also like how everything you type in the address bar searches Google by default. I always hate the default yahoo search on Firefox, so worthless. I know you can change it.


I still think Chrome is a memory hog, but my couch computer has 16 GB of ram, so it's not that big of deal, and my other main workstation has 12 gb.


One thing that annoyed me is when I installed chrome on my workstation down stairs and before I added it to the same google account the one upstairs was on, I uninstalled chrome and deleted the profile so it wouldn't sync any old crap to the one upstairs. But still after all that I got a lot of old bookmark Bar URL's came in. Not sure how that happened. So that was annoying.


So far so good.


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Bah, you traitor!  Somebody please behead him before he tries to convert more people over. :p



Joking btw.

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