Who is good at FreeNAS?

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+John Teacake

So All I want is the Transmission plugin setting up. It fails to start sometimes, Start's some others and wont restart. 


I am at a loss? Do I need to use Jails? Or could I just install the Transmission plugin in point at it directory i.e /mnt/something etc... What are the settings for storage? Source and Destination? I dont even mind if everything is in one folder called torrents? I can move that around later.


Does someone want to remote in and have a look for me? ha


I have tried all versions, Nightly's, Stable etc. 


Personally I think its permissions. As its internal I created a user with Full permissions. Gave that recursive access, It works for a few minutes and then just fails. Wont restart. Connection refused when I try to browse to the Transmission page... 



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