Firefox randomly stops loading pages

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Hello Neowinners!


So I've been struggling with this for a while now, perhaps after the 44 update. All in all Firefox is working fine however from time to time it would just stop loading pages. I start up the browser normally, browse for a while and then it just hangs. Videos stop loading and all pages state "Connecting" as if there's no internet connection. I fix this by just restarting the browser. But boy did it suck yesterday when I was downloading a large file for like 4 hours and then Firefox just died out. Basically I could lose whatever I do in Firefox at any point (even now when I'm posting in this thread). I'm not sure what provokes this, I've already tried disabling the two add-ons I use - with no result.


I suspect this might have something to do with the Sync as when this happens the Sync icon in the menu just keeps spinning. Could it be messing with my mobile Firefox?


So far the only solution I've got from the Mozilla forums is to switch to Chrome. I don't feel like quitting my 10-year old habits but if that's the price of being able to browse normally I might just pay it.


If anyone has stumbled upon this issue and managed to resolve it, I would be most grateful if you share your workaround. This is getting so frustrating sometimes (imagine having 15+ tabs opened and being force to close browser because it just wouldn't work anymore).

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