OpenVPN or L2tp on Fedora 23 - Nightmare!

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I have been trying to get the VPN connections to work on Gnome/Cinammon but, despite having the settings all configured I always get errors... Either timeouts our SELinux complaining that the service cannot start.

I have successfully configured my VPN access on my Windows and Macs but Fedora no joy. My ports on the firewall are fine as all other OS and devices work fine.

The access is to my own Synology box which has a VPN server.

I also have a TIgerVPN openVPN access that only works via the command line. Via the GUI it never works.

I have tried creating pretty much every variation, PPPT L2TP, OpenVPN and it doesnt work...

Also today I installed a fresh Virtual Machine with Linux Mint. Exactly same openVPN configuration file. It connected first time!

I dont understand why Fedora blocks this. I dont know where to look for logs etc.. Can someone guide me here?

Ahh, I have managed to disable SElinux confirmed with getenforce command after reboot, and made no difference.

Since it didnt make a difference I have enabled it again..

Thanks in advance.

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I usually set mine up manually via systemd and /etc/openvpn/client.conf. Although GUI methods do work, I've found them to be buggy. The nice thing about systemd is that you can see exactly what the service is doing and why it's failing etc. Perhaps if you posted the service errors, it might be easier to diagnose.

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