Solus OS Linux to Offer a Budgie Desktop UI Tweaked to Your Heart’s Content

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Solus Project's Josh Strobl is back with another installation of the "This Week in Solus" newsletter, letting the community know about what landed in the Solus operating system this week and what the team's plans are for the future of the project.


It looks like a lot of things are happening in the Solus world, and the developers are currently planning some branding changes for some of the in-house built projects, an entirely stateless Solus 2.0 release, along with an improved out-of-the-box desktop experience featuring a Budgie Desktop tweaked to your heart's content.


"As we all know, the goal of Solus 2.0 is to be entirely stateless. We should ship sane default without relying on an overlap of domains between our configuration and your configuration, ensuring the default OS itself is immutable, and that there is no conflict between the vendor and local site admin configuration," said the Solus devs.


The next version of the Budgie Desktop promises great new features, among which we can mention support for enabling and disabling the desktop icons, support for tweaking fonts for "Window Titles," "Documents," "Interface," as well as "Monospace," Bluetooth support, and the ability to use multiple audio input and output devices.









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