NVIDIA 364.12 Arrives With Wayland & Mir Support

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Thomas the Tank Engine

NVIDIA's 364 Linux driver series is now available and it's pretty darn exciting!


At the beginning of the month I commented, "on a slightly different note don't be surprised if you see the premiere of Wayland compatibility in the next release stream." Well folks, many didn't believe that comment, but I scored again. Today's NVIDIA 364.12 Linux driver does deliver on Wayland and Mir support!


The NVIDIA 364.12 driver adds a Wayland platform library to support Wayland composittors, adds new EGL extensions for Wayland, adds initial DRM KMS support, now uses GLVND GLX client libraries by default, adds in Vulkan 1.0 support to mainline, adds new RandR properties, and now provides proper PRIME support too.










Read the rest: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-364.12-Linux

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Unobscured Vision

Oh goodie! Now I'll be comfortable testing Wayland Sessions. Thanks TTE. :yes: 

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Boo Berry

I'd let this one mature a little bit more before attempting to use it.

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