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I have to exchange my son's x-box 1 console. What happens to his games



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Thanks. Will all of his acquisitions  remain the same or will he lose anything?


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If the games are downloadable, then they are tied to the gamertag/account..  Those games will be there if you get a new xbox.


If the games are disc copies, then you can do whatever you want such as donate them to someone else who have Xbox ... or keep them in case you decide to get another xbox.


FYI, if you give the games to the store such as gamestop, you won't get much out of them... they put money on gift card or store credit.


Note, you might not be able to play xbox games on PS console. You will have to buy new games for PS console. 


Instead, you can play xbox games on Windows 10... but not sure they would work without Xbox.  I have not tried it.  I am sure Xbox is required to stream the games to your Windows 10 system.

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