Xbox One Update: March 2016

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The latest system update starts rolling out on Xbox One and the Xbox app today.


All of the features that hit preview earlier this month are rolling out today. There are also a few additions and updates, so check out details below. Thanks again for continuing to chime in on Xbox Feedback, and enjoy the new features!


– Xbox Elite Wireless Controller improved thumbstick precision with firmware update

– Xbox Accessories app

– Include Party Chat in Twitch broadcasts




Xbox One Update: February 2016

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      The new content comes in the form of Halo: Reach's multiplayer, including both multiplayer and Firefight modes, which Insiders will now download via a build update on all platforms. The intent of this bonus content is to further test the PC and Xbox One cross-play capabilities the studio is introducing with the Halo 4 launch onto the PC version of the Master Chief Collection.

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      First up are the updates to the meeting capabilities. The Redmond firm has added live transcription capabilities with speaker attribution to make it easy to associate statements to the right attendees. The Spotlight feature that lets presenters lock video feeds in meetings is also generally available. The ability to hard mute attendees preventing them from unmuting their mics, especially useful in classroom scenarios, has also rolled out completely this month. The hard mute and Spotlight features are also being added to Teams Rooms. Whiteboard in Teams is also receiving some features, with users now able to present whiteboard content in read-only mode to gain control of the content and allow for edits when necessary.

      There are improvements for users that use Teams feeds for broadcasts with advanced production options. With Network Device Interface (NDI) support, users can now stream specific meeting feeds to video streaming tools for better control in professional streaming setups.

      As for improvements to recording meetings, admins can now set meetings and call recordings to be stored in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint locations, letting users access, manage, and share these recordings easily. Meeting organizers can also download participant reports in chats to analyze attendance and other participant stats. Lastly, there are some updates to meeting policies that now allow for incoming and outgoing video to be blocked by admins.

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      Other improvements include a revamped notifications settings page with better categorization, language-aware spellcheck that automatically switches to the desired language to check for errors based on the text, and the new 'templates' feature that enables users to set up a new Team with less work using pre-defined industry templates.

      Microsoft also announced a host of features being added this month for education users. These include anonymous grading and marking for Assignments to avoid any kind of student bias and the ability to view assignments across all classes in the Assignments section. There is one new feature for first-line workers too. IT admins can now configure Teams to alert users when they try to access the tool outside of working hours, helping employees adhere to regulations.

      The company has also posted the features and enhancements being made for Government and Healthcare customers, which you can read in the blog post here. There are updates for developers and the platform itself, including a new Power Automate app for Teams, the ability for companies to brand their line-of-business apps in the tool, and a new publisher verification service for developers to verify their apps with IT admins. The company also noted the availability of the new native Teams app for ARM64 devices such as the Surface Pro X.

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      Microsoft announces live-stream event for Xbox Series X|S launch
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      Today, Microsoft announced that it's going to be holding a live-stream event on November 10, the day that its next-generation Xbox consoles launch. Obviously, the event is to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

      The company says that this event is meant to be a companion for your already-existing gaming plans that day. There are going to be "Let's Play" segments, and you'll be invited to play alongside of the content creators on the stream. Microsoft refers to it as grabbing your "device of choice", a nod to how you don't need an Xbox to play Xbox games anymore, as we can stream them to an array of Android devices.

      "To honor the launch of the new Xbox generation, we invite you to celebrate this power of play with us," said Xbox chief Phil Spencer in a blog post. "On November 10, we invite you, players of all identities and backgrounds, console generations and devices, skill sets and tastes, to celebrate, connect, and play together. We invite you to grab your device of choice and play alongside Team Xbox, your favorite creators, and our partners, right from your homes around the world. We invite you to take a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the next generation of games, hear the stories of people who make them, and play along with them."

      The event will be at 2pm Eastern Time on November 10, and you'll be able to watch on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming.

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      Microsoft has released the fifth Flight Simulator patch to all users with a bunch of fixes and improvements. There are also some known issues to be aware of, such as problems with VNAV mode in the autopilot that leads to overshooting the climb speed, issues with Live weather, and more. However, the list of fixes in this patch version is extensive and brings improvements to planes, the UI, the installation manager, the Marketplace, and more.

      As for the UI fixes, the firm has finally removed the ‘press any key to start’ screen, a highly requested change that was supposed to make it in the fourth patch. The firm has also added the ability to switch between metric and U.S. standard units, and more. There are improvements to the autopilot performance for a bunch of planes, and many other visual enhancements including motion blur, improved night light and reflections, and much more.

      Here is the complete list of the fixes:

      However, users must also take note of the known issues that persist in the simulator, including a problem with the glide slope in Cessna Citation Longitude, and more. Here are all the known issues:

      Interestingly, though the company claimed that the decision to delay the patch was to fix some autopilot issues, many responses on Twitter to the patch release announcement suggest that there are still problems with both the autopilot and the AI co-pilot feature. The team also acknowledged that it was investigating crash issues and that it will be providing an update about a resolution today.