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Paris vs. Marseille (soccer!)


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Hey people,

for anyone who follows European soccer, the legendary hatred between Paris and Marseille it well a well known fact.

The two teams will meet again this year in the 16th finals of the french cup and it will be a great game!

What else can i say... Allez Paris! Paris est magique!


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wow... well basically it all started as a commercial thing. Somehow fans got ganged up on each other and it all started. We literally hate marseille and its players and fans and whatever else :p

(im an ultra from the PSG, paris' team)

SO basically whenever they come, half the cops and the armed guard with al the shields and stuff i guess are on the stadiums, ready to like stop fights and stuff. (CRS is the elite national police guards, it stands for republican security company or somehting similar) ANyway, it is highly recommended not to go to those games, especially when it's at another stadium. People get thrown stuff at and it's really dangerous. There are always fights, and swearwords and songs that basically sounds like eminem's on the vulgarity level that are craeted just for those games.

For a while Marseille use to woop are ass (paris' team is only 34 year's old while the others are much much older) but the past few years we got back at them. We won 2 years in a row in their stadium :D they are so ****ed :p

so now it's gonna be a tough game.

FYI, when Paris won in the last minute of the game at marseille, i yelled out the window and woke up my parents and my friends and lost my voice and caught a cold. That's how happy i was.



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as you can see from this pic, the space reserved for the opposite team is really limited and it is open to throws of any crap those *&8*^*& can find :p

anyway, i forgot to mention the fans from Paris usually arrive at a secret time and usually "escape" from the back of the train station not to get into conflicts (which they do anyway :D)

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