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So the sat nav took me down a one way street which leaded onto the A1 during the night of yesterday and it was a road which had a large grass hill in the middle if you know what i mean and the car was going over so the wheels were on a even road but the middle was making noise against under my car i'm presuming it was hitting the car work at the bottom, but as I got onto the A1 it was perfectly fine I hope I haven't done any damage to the car? Since it was working fine all the way back through the A1 onto the M62 i'd presume no damage was done?

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Assuming the undercarriage of the Smart is like my Mercedes (the Smart is made by Mercedes, but manufactured by Renault) it has an undercarriage cover that should protect it...


That being said,. you can always get it put on a lift and see or have it looked at by a shop to be certain..


Also, always take keen awareness to where you're going. GPS is great, but never trust it absolutely. See it the same as the passenger in the seat telling you something. Their help can be good, but the only absolute is your own judgement based on what you see.

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I think my car pooped one of those out in the driveway last weekend.  Took an hour to get it in the trash bin

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