Replaced my XB1 HDD

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Yes, I actually did it. Problem is, there seem to be bugs. I get the games to work, but then I can't access network settings. Worked for 2 weeks, then the games became accessible. Bottom line is, it works, but eventually has it's problems. Has anyone been able to do a flawless replacement?


FAQ to help some of you out.


Why not use an external USB drive?

I have one and I used it up until this point. Yes I'm aware it's easier and yes I know I'm doing things the hard way.


What about your warranty?!?!?!

It's out of warranty.


Why would you open up your XB1?

Because I wanted to.


What if you break it?

I have a PS4 I own until I buy another XB1.


Thanks in advance!!


Edit: When I try and update or restore factory settings, it completely bricks and goes to an E102 error screen. I have to pull the drive and reformat in linux.

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What are the specs of the new drive? It is possible your drive is bad or going bad, even brand new electronics sometimes pass QC when they shouldn't. It looks like stock is 5400RPM 8MB cache, what is the drive you replaced it with?

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