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New mail address, what service to chose?

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JanetWorld    0



after a bad experience with Gmail IMAP integration, i'm switching from Gmail to another mail service, i'm available to pay for it (an example is Fastmail and Runbox)


I exclude Gmail and Outlook because some time i have problem, expecially with Gmail for the bad IMAP implementation.


But what do you suggest me that integrate very well with Apple products?


Actually i'm evaulating:


- an icloud.com email address

- a fastmail.com paid mail service

- yahoo mail (that it's strange but has a good imap implementation... but i heard that yahoo is near to be sell and the future is not clear)


or in alternative


- buy my   www.namesurname.com  and use it only for email service


What do you suggest?



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JamesCherrill    28

Faced with the same question I purchased my own domain name and set it up to forward all mail to whatever service I favour a the time (currently iCloud, but could change tomorrow).  That way I'm protected against any particular service becoming a problem.

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