Giant Bomb: PS4K / Neo may require games to run at minimum 1080p + 1080p remote play

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Discussing documentation seen by the team on their latest podcast, Giant Bomb explained that "it seems like [Sony] won't allow a display buffer lower than 1080 in Neo Mode, so these cases of games under 1080 getting scaled up, seems like that will only be a Base Mode thing".


That means that games running at native 900p on PS4, as seen with Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed Unity, may become a thing of the past with PS4K.


Other features offered by the new hardware will include enhancements to Remote Play, Giant Bomb says, with the Neo providing "a better resolution" when streaming to other devices, and the ability to record gameplay footage at 1080p/60fps through the PS4's internal game DVR. The current DVR records footage at 720p/30fps.


Existing controllers and peripherals will also be compatible with the new hardware, Giant Bomb says.

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