UBC develops marijuana breathalyzer

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4 hours ago, FloatingFatMan said:

Indeed.  It's probably Russian cigarettes.

Can you get some some of those.. those sound good.. lol

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5 hours ago, Mirumir said:

You can all do an experiment on your own the next morning if you listen to your own bodies attentively and be honest with yourselves.


p.s. Benson & Hedges are among the most nausea-inducing cigs I've ever tried.

I get what you mean.  But perhaps your nicotine level is just too high.  If you smash a 16MG + cig then yeah, I would expect some people to feel a little light headed.  But if you're smoking a 8MG (That's what I used to) then yeah, no problem.  Except the whole early death thing.

I don't have the problem with my vape.

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