F1 2015 Racing Game Is Now Available For Linux

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Feral Interactive has made the Linux port of the F1 2015 Formula One racing game available now via the Steam Store and their own Feral Store. 

F1 2015 is a racing game released for Windows and other platforms last year. This game was made by the folks at Codemasters and uses the EGO Engine 4.0. As covered already, Feral recommends a GeForce GTX 970 or better to play this game. The minimum GPU requirement is a GT 640. Feral hasn't communicated any details yet about Mesa/Gallium3D or AMDGPU-PRO support for this game. 

Feral announced the release a short time ago. The game costs $55 USD. 

I haven't yet checked out the game to see if the Linux port includes any benchmark functionality. I'll be firing up F1 2015 on Linux today to check for benchmarking support, but at the very least will just fire up the game on different driver/GPU combinations to see what works. Stay tuned!



there will be also a f1 manager game available for linux soon. 

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