Andrew House surprised by timing of Project Scorpio announcement

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Just now, HawkMan said:


in this context the S is still the "launch" One. or the"base"/Gen1 model, even though it has theoretical slightly more performance. 

Agreed, that's what I was getting at with the "it will be the basic option for people going forward".  Some people do seem to think that it is something new though because of the HDR and 4k movie stuff and will somehow drive a bunch of sales.  That statement of mine you quoted was just to draw contrast with them not directed at you specifically.  That said I suspect there won't be a ton of S sales after Project Scorpio launches either, I think they'll keep it on the market but it will become more akin to the Xbox 360 Arcade as a cheaper option but won't be the highest selling SKU.

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WinMacLin Guy

I was a bit surprised to. I think they should have maybe done it a bit closer to the release in order to make a bigger splash.

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4 minutes ago, WinMacLin Guy said:

I was a bit surprised to. I think they should have maybe done it a bit closer to the release in order to make a bigger splash.


Well there's a few things

first, they, don't want people to buy the S and be annoyed when they do announce the Scorpio.

secondly, they want people to have a chance to save up for the scorpio as for many a new console whatever price it is, is an investment.

and thirdly. they want people to know there a more powerful xbox coming before they buy the Neo. This is especially important for anyone investing in VR. while both consoles are somewhat weak for VR. the Scorpio does have a significant edge over the neo even if the numbers look close. (but you're talking about an entire xbox one faster, though not really but. And there won't be any real VR content until a a years time anyway, so they should be able to hold of a lot of those buyers until then if just to see how much better the Scorpio does. 

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11 hours ago, Andrew said:


It definitely will be. Even when you factor in buying bulk or loss-leading, it will be very expensive. 

I'll agree with Audio on this it won't launch for more than $400. I paid over $1,000 for a PS3 but those times are gone.


Just look at the punch the surface team who are now in charge of designing the xbox cram in a mm thick tablet for the price. The power we have in our pocket in our phones now, how small those components have to be. When designing a console I think prices have come down dramatically with the size they have to play with and parts they can use. 


And you want a 4K gaming experience on PC you need a 4K monitor. 4K TV adoption must have a much slower pick up rate in Europe compared to Australia. You would have to look specifically for one that isn't here. 


By then end of 2017 4K TVs will be even more widespread. The average consumer does not want to spend time building a PC. We're forgetting why consoles are so popular in the first place, plug and play. The average person doesn't even know or care if the games are on PC. 


The truth is the people that buy the massive majority of these consoles Neo or Scorpio do so to play FIFA or CoD with their mates an hour a day. People are looking at this wrong, we're simply moving to the next generation a lot sooner than the past one. That's all this is. And I fully expect the Neo to delay launch or launch with updated specs to compete with Scorpio until the next refresh in another 4 years of both.

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