I just started playing with 3d Modeling and Rendering.

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Hi, I started recently fallowing my true passion.

Making 3d virtual things. (3ds Max with AE and element 3D).

I always had a good '3d vision' and a good grasp of how stuff works, mechanically speaking.

I'm also a computer geek, but that's not relevant here.


I love solving the Rubik's Cube, but if I don't solve it for a few months, I tend to forget how to. My memory was never too good so I had to relearn how to solve it.

My frustration with the current videos out there is what motivate me to make my own video... with Augmented Reality.

There are also drones, a translucent display, a dude from minecraft and a lot of stuff going on. The video took about 6 months to make.

This is mostly because I had to learned everything from scratch.




Now that I'm mildly experienced in the 3D world I've made another video in just a week or so.

It's a 3d render of Galaxy Note 7, the highly anticipated flagship phone from Samsung.


The model is based on a leaked picture.



Since I'm new at this, any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you guys and possibly girls.

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