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The best reason to own a Kinect is coming in July

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Skiver    1,991

It's no secret that the Kinect has been a colossal failure on Xbox One with very few developers implementing the motion-tracking peripheral in any notable way. That's about to change on 13th July with puzzle/platformer Fru, an Xbox One Kinect-exclusive that requires players to contort their body in tandem with more conventional gamepad controls.


As you can see in the trailer below, Fru tasks players with guiding an anthropomorphic fox through 2D stages where the environment is shaped by the player's literal reflection. Like it actually looks at your silhouette and you do the Human Tetris thing of making shapes with your body to manipulate the scenery.

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Not a game I think I'd pick up but its good to see devs haven't completely abandoned Kinect, it's certainly an interesting looking game.

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+Mirumir    5,857

They should think about remaking the original Prince of Persia with this tech :) 

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