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iMac starts and boots a blue screen only chrome works

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Bdmmom    0

I have an old iMac, that had been working perfectly fine for Internet browsing and email. It's a 2006 or '07. Recently, upon startup, it booted to blue screen with the main menu above but no dashboard on bottom of screen. It default boots into chrome and you can access a few other things from the recently viewed tab in drop-down menu. I've scoured the internet but all I'm finding are people who have a "blue screen of death". This is not the same issue. 

I cam still surf the web and view a select number of apps, but anything that would normall be accessed from the dashboard ( or icons at the bottom of screen). I've tried booting in safe mode. No change. 

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Barney T.    2,375

Moved to Apple (Mac) Support Subforum

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