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How to list different email accounts completely separately in Outlook for Mac.

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cosrocket    4

I have 4 email accounts. In Outlook for Windows I have my 4 email accounts listed completely separately in the accounts list. Each account has the email address and their own sub folders (inbox, sent etc).For the life of me I cannot see how to have it this way with Outlook for Mac. I created the first account, then I created the other accounts. Now I have the first account in the account list and then for the other accounts it says "on my computer" and the other 3 accounts are under that. How can I have all 4 accounts listed separately in the accounts list with their own folders? I searched to see how to do this and saw a post where it says to go to Personal preferences and uncheck "group similar folders such as inboxes from different accounts". It still does not do what I am looking for. 


Does anyone know how I can get the 4 email accounts separately? Thanks in advance for your help.

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