Conspiracy theorists are divided over this 'Tupac selfie'

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Conspiracy theorists are divided over this 'Tupac selfie'




Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.


The one everyone appears to be most fixated on right now is the theory which claims rapper Tupac Shakur is alive and well.




Despite being reported dead as a result of a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas September 7 1996, Tupac's legendary status encourages regular 'sightings' and claims of proof that he is still alive.


The most recent is a YouTube video that was uploaded by Tupac Legacy (right, you know where this is going...)


In the video, which was posted in November 2015 but recently went viral, the user claims to show a Selfie of Tupac Shakur.


Apparently, the phone which was used to take the picture is a 2011 model, and the jacket he's wearing is from 2014 (hardcore proof).




Twenty years on and he's still rocking the same red bandanna, too...







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