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As my oldest gets older he is getting into different more expensive things.  He saved some money, through his racing "winnings" (he races a stage1 modified), and picked up a ECX K&N Torment 1/10 RC 2wd car last week ($160 at a local hobby/RC store, which seems to be a little better than what I am finding online). 


Anyway, right now he seems really into it...playing with it and researching speed as well as talking to the guys at the store.   Looks like the first, of many upgrades, is going to be a lipo battery.  If anyone here, owns one or is into "bashing", what are your recommendations on a good 4x4 truck/car for me to get into.  Anything is game being that I know absolutely nothing about these new cars and the last time I had any interest in them the "frog" was a new car....if you don't know, they were first introduced to market in 1983 and just about any car was kit that you had to put together, the only RTR's were the toys r' us cars.  It seems as most are RTR's now with the capability of upgrading batteries, motors, transmissions, shocks, etc, etc, etc. 


A few that I am looking at are the Stampede 4x4 brushless, the Ruckus brushless, maybe on the extreme high end Losi LST XXL2-E.   I would rather stick with a 1/10 model vs a 1/8 or 1/5 and would rather stay away from the +500 side of things.  He will be upgrading a bunch on his, I would rather start where he is going to end up.  Another option is to get something similar to his and upgrade too, but then I will more than likely be doing double the work to get both cars up to speed. 

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