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The Hell of Owning an iPhone 6 Plus With 'Touch Disease'

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Mockingbird    2,968

 Because Apple won’t publicly acknowledge the fact that the touchscreens of thousands of iPhone 6 Plus devices are spontaneously breaking due to a known engineering flaw, customers have been left in the dark.


After publishing our second article about the phenomenon, which is being called “touch disease,” my inbox flooded with stories from people who—many out of blind brand loyalty to Apple—have continued replacing their iPhone 6 Pluses with refurbished units that are just as likely to break as their old ones.


As we’ve detailed in those stories, “touch disease” is an iPhone 6 Plus flaw related to “bendgate” in which the two tiny “Touch IC” connectors, which translate touchscreen presses into a machine input, become unseated from the phone’s logic board. It can be recognized by flickering gray bars along the top of the phone, and is associated with intermittent or total touchscreen failure.


Replacing the phone’s screen will not fix the problem—the only way to fix it is to have a micro soldering expert replace and resolder the Touch IC chips. Apple does not perform this repair, and does not tell its customers that there are some independent repair professionals who can perform this repair and can prevent it from recurring by installing an extra metal shield that stiffens the logic board.


Instead, the company has told its Geniuses that iPhone 6 Plus touchscreen problems are a known issue, but has not publicly acknowledged the issue. A class action lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to force Apple to deal with the problem, or at least admit that the issue exists. Thousands of iPhone 6 Plus owners have joined the suit. Apple PR has ignored four separate requests for comment from Motherboard as well as requests for comment from every other news outlet that has asked about this issue.




In the last 24 hours, I’ve gotten emails from 27 separate iPhone 6 Plus owners who have encountered this problem and were unaware that Apple internally considers it a known issue. Many of them have been put through lengthy tech support protocols on obviously broken phones only to be told that they would have to pay $329 for a refurbished phone that is still fundamentally flawed. Others have had to put up with months of forcefully bending or twisting the phone in order to get its Touch IC connectors to intermittently work for a few minutes, hours, or days before the problem inevitably resurfaces.


In some cases, Apple will replace the phone for free, even out-of-warranty. But Apple store geniuses we spoke to said that such a replacement is up to the whims of the manager on duty at any given time.


Here are some customer experiences from the emails I’ve received—in some cases, I asked for additional information about what they had been through. They’ve been lightly edited for length and grammar, and are published in an attempt to show that Apple

turning a blind eye to touch disease continues to hurt some of the company’s most loyal customers.




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HawkMan    5,232

The hell of owning an Apple product an not living in a european country with proper consumer protection laws. (production fault within 5 or 6 years... better fix it or else...


The way american consumers accept being used by manufacturers of consumer products is crazy

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