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PlayStation 4 Pro + PSVR = No HDR


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According to eurogamer the PS VR external processor only has HDMI 1.4 pass-through.


the PSVR external processor can only handle HDMI 1.4 passthrough - and this presents problems with PlayStation 4 Pro. This means that with PSVR connected, HDR functionality won't work, while the display output is limited to 3840x2160 with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, vs the full-fat RGB mode offered by HDMI 2.0.

Source (the quote above is on the left in the side bar)


So not only does the PS4 Pro not have the Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive that the cheaper Xbox One S has but if you buy the PSVR and hook it up you'll negate your support for HDR.

Eurogamer doesn't mention it, I suspect because the article is focused on VR and gaming not video playback, but that also likely means you'll be limited to 30fps for 4k video (such as from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc.) as I'm pretty sure that's as high as HDMI 1.4 can go.  To get 60fps and HDR back you'll need to unhook the PSVR box and then hook it up again each time you want to play a VR game.

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Seems like a bit of an oversight, the Pro is pointless as a media playing device anyway without HD bluray as any 4K TV worth its salt will have Netflix etc built in already.

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