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Germany Bundesrat votes to ban the combustion engine by 2030

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Jim K    15,365

Diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles officially are an endangered species in Germany, and possibly all of the EU. This after Germany’s Bunderat has passed a resolution to ban the internal combustion engine starting in 2030, Germany’s Spiegel Magazin writes.Higher taxes may hasten the ICE’s departure.


An across-the-aisle Bunderat resolution calls on the EU Commission in Brussels to pass directives assuring that “latest in 2030, only zero-emission passenger vehicles will be approved” for use on EU roads. Germany’s Bundesrat is a legislative body representing the sixteen states of Germany. On its own, the resolution has no legislative effect. EU type approval is regulated on the EU level. However, German regulations traditionally have shaped EU and UNECE regulations.


EU automakers will be alarmed that the resolution, as quoted by der Spiegel, calls on the EU Commission to “review the current practices of taxation and dues with regard to a stimulation of emission-free mobility.”



More at Forbes

Sign of things to come ... which is good IMO.

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Draconian Guppy    13,038

Well, audi has 0 emission petrol vehicles :shiftyninja: 

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Semtex    6,103

They can "vergessen". Seems to be another dumb idea from Eco-terrorist. There is a huge problem, how they can manage quick charging, not like in Tesla, 30 minutes,  this must be way quicker, If I'm on a highway, I can make +/- 1000km with my car, so atm electro cars can just dream about this score, I need 5 minutes to make my tank full again, electro car can't do that. We need new energy source, not dumb regulations...

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