Mustang GT meets Ford GT


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I sort of like it. 




FWIW, even in the low rent areas by me, people drive bmw's and mercedes (even the high end jap cars).  I see them more than regular camry's roll out of those areas.  If you have credit and can sign your name, you can get anything you want regardless of what poop hole you live in.  A car certainly does not make who you are or define the company you keep....and it certainly doesn't define status in my area.  Owning one of these cars impresses me about as much as going out and buying a matchbox car, if you push what you own as status it tells me enough to know that I really don't want to know you and I think less of people who do (wanting to get somewhere because their things make them feel like they can, but don't realize that isn't going to get them anywhere other than the butt end of a joke, broke, and/or living beyond their means). 

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