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Someone on FB said:


Him: Antergos " self building arch "

Me: Antergos isn't "true arch"

Him: Latest builds of x without the headaches so who cares


Now, that really made me angry. If I remember, Antergos isn't Arch, right? I fought some more with him, but we get nowhere.


Am I thinking wrong here? Is he "technically" right?


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hi @Mindovermaster


you are right that antergos is not arch, but out of all arch derivates antergos is the closest to arch byfar. all it offers compared to true arch is the cnchi installer and one single repo containing antergos wallpapers and icon sets. 

while manjaro, for example, another widely used arch derivate has much more different to original arch. they use their own repos everywhere so you might get better tested packages but always will lack behind arch.


edit: lots of typos sorry

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Boo Berry

Actually, the closest to Arch is Arch-Anywhere, which is basically an installer for Arch (for those who want to avoid The Arch Way of installing) with just a few extra packages available, if desired. :)

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Well technically it is not the same, but as far as I understand, it is just Arch with an installer, but installs the same packages from the same repo, so you could end up with identical setups (if you wanted to) using Arch and Antegros.
I would compare it to buying a kit of some sort, or buying the kit pre-assembled with the assemblers logo sticker on it.

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