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Ryan Daum    0

I was hoping I could reach out to all of the pros out in the neowin.net community for some advice. I am trying to find a good training option and I am not really finding quite what I need.


My work is starting to get into continuous integration / automated deployments. I am somewhat familiar with TFS Build system already and have some build / release definitions created for several projects. I am most interested in the training covering migrating branching strategies and the more complex things you can do with creating custom build processes with the new vNext system. Does anyone know of a good online course that is offered that goes into this sort of thing? It could be an onsite deal if necessary instead of online.


The only online resources I can find cover more of the TFS administration, with only covering the TFS Build as a side item. This makes sense from the prospective of most PMs maybe, but it isn't what I am going for. I'm not sure if this is because since Microsoft gives such a good range of options for really making your build process do whatever you want that it is hard to cover a lot of presentation material on the subject or not, but it seems like there should be a paid option out there somewhere.


My company is willing to spend money to make this happen, so that is not a concern at this time, it is just a matter of finding the right resource. Worst case I could always try to find books on Amazon, but that is currently my second choice.

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DevTech    1,518

VS 2017 has new build system.


Team Services or whatever the name change of the week is for that (online version of TFS) has tons of info on GitHub for CI etc to Azure. All the Azure docs are edited live on GitHub as well. The Microsoft footprint on GitHub is huge so well worth investigating and bookmarking the sea of material there...


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