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iPhone 6s Plus/iOS10 text message reading?

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DConnell    6,585

Back in April I reluctantly switched to an iPhone after Windows Mobile 10 nearly bricked my beloved Lumia 1520. I've adapted to the different OS for the most part, but there's one feature I really miss from Windows.


My Windows phone was able to read incoming texts to me when connected to a Bluetooth audio device - headphones or the speakerphone setup in my car. I'd get a notification that a text had come in and from whom, and the phone would ask if I wanted it to read the text. Afterward I could dictate a response. It was especially useful in the car - I could have a text conversation without ever taking my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road.


I haven't found an equivalent feature in iOS yet. My cousin points out that the speech option does that, but it also adapts the phone for visually impaired use (she's legally blind.) It reads everything to you, and changes how the touchscreen works. It's a godsend to her, but a pain for anyone else to try to use. I don't want everything read to me, or to have to deal with the multi-tap UI designed for blind use. The rest of that feature would be too much hassle to deal with just to have texts read to me.


Is there a feature similar to the WP one, or an app that does this? I spend so much time in my car that this feature could well be a deciding factor in whether I stay with iOS or try WM again (if it's still around) when my contract is up.

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TAZMINATOR    12,416

My mom's GPS device in her car does that ... I mean reads the text messages or calls.  


I haven't tried it on mine.  I never text and drive, though.


But I can be alert when the messages come in when I have the phone mounted. Then I could pull over somewhere if it's important otherwise they could wait until I am available to reply back.



BTW, Have you tried this: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4967360?tstart=0


And you might be interested in one of these: 



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KatGamer    10

I just say "Hey Siri read me my message" and if there are new messages Siri reads them. 

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