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Welcome to the Servers 2017 thread!
If you want to show your fellow Neowinians what your server looks like, this is the place to do it.
When posting, please note the following:
If you plan to img-embed your picture, please try to keep it under 100k. Actually, it's best if you just link to it externally.
If you are going to quote, there isn't a need to quote an img-embeded picture - Just don't do it. Please just reference the post by page number/page link/etc.
The moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove your posts as necessary in order that they will comply with the Community Rules.
The Servers 2017 thread is not to be used as a means to post images of a pornographic or otherwise provocative nature, so please be mindful of the images that may appear on your desktop. Please help to keep the thread relevant and safe to browse for everyone.
Last year's Servers thread is here.







We only had one reply in 2017 so I think we'll keep this current topic until we see an uptake in participation before moving to annual stickies.



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My computer room in the house where all the servers are located.







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what software is that for that diagram? 

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On 10/02/2018 at 4:35 AM, nekrosoft13 said:

what software is that for that diagram? 

I believe it's part of PTRG.



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Very Neatly done Home Data center if i may say so myself.

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Not really my "server", but hey.... I'll clean up wires later...



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Baby steps while under lockdown, basically this is my 25u rack, two brush panels, a 24 port keystone patch panel and a Unifi non-poe switch. Also a Philips Hue. Laptop is just on the shelf for storage at present and isnt turned on.


The rest of the setup is a Unifi USG, Unifi wifi AP, my Unraid server and my little WD Pro Nas which is elsewhere on the forum. My modem is a Vigor 130, things are spread around the house as currently working from home but once Im back in the office Ill throw everything in the rack and store it in the spare room.


Im loving Unraid! I have Docker containers set up with the unifi controller, Plex, Tramission and Nextcloud, as well as PiHole. One VM for linux and one for MacinaBox Catalina. Box is my 4770k Freenas repurposed just because Freenas was getting pissy with Plex and drive sharing, Ive literally had zero problems since switching to Unraid. Im currently using the trial but Ill be purchasing the beginner licence when it forces me to do so in a few weeks time.


I dont really have any need to do anything else at the moment, wifi is great with the unifi access point, no dropouts, everything is really stable. Some of these cables are placeholders, and Ive retired my Raspberry Pi 4 and Pi Zero (they were running the unifi controller and pihole respectively) so I can fiddle with those when I get bored. The next big upgrade will be upgrading my Unraid box from the 4c/8t 4470k, probably to a Ryzen system with 8c/16t. Ive currently got 3 4tb drives in the server and one 120gb SSD for cache, one of the 4tb is for parity but I really want to add a second parity drive next month. After that it will probably remain pretty static until the rebuild. 


I'm enjoying playing with docker containers and wifi guest setups, need to have a look at vlans and other nerdy bits just to sate my appetite, but its solid, quiet and hopefully not too bad power wise from what I've been monitoring :) 


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33 minutes ago, forster said:

Baby steps while under lockdown, basically this is my 25u rack, two brush panels, a 24 port keystone patch panel and a Unifi non-poe switch. Also a Philips Hue. Laptop is just on the shelf for storage at present and isnt turned on.


Think you meant 2U...

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Posted (edited)

Update from my old one above:




UnManaged Switch on top. NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS316)

ISP Modem on left

Sensewall (PfSense) computer on right. Datto/Zotac AES-NI Gigabit 8GB RAM 32GB SSD AMD GX-415GA

UPS on bottom. CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 1000 VA 600 Watts


Cables need cleaning, I know...

7 minutes ago, forster said:

Nope, sorry buddy, its 25U :) unless you mean that Im actually only using 2 units of space, in which case, kinda...




Much mess, so wow :D 


Oh, sorry, didn't notice that, my mistake... 😉

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