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I am having a hard time remembering a band along with the song title. It is on the tip of my tongue and it is driving me insane. The song is from the early to mid 2000's if I remember correctly, and I am positive it was a cover. I want to say this cover was almost better than the original. I feel like other bands have done the same song. I can't even think of the tune either and it is really annoying me. I want to say the band was similar to Korn, Powerman 5000, Marilyn Manson (i originally thought it might have been a cover of tainted love or sweet dreams, but nothing turned up), that genre. I believe the band only had two or three songs that were popular. There was even a video for it as well. I feel like it was somewhat dark, had blues in it. This is driving me mad that it is on the tip of my tongue, I know I am not giving you much to go off, but I am hoping people just start throwing out bands or songs and it will eventually come to me.



EDIT: now of course it comes to me, I hate it when that happens. The band was Orgy.

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Blue Monday (You Spin Me Round)

I think that is the song you're talking about


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