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Xbox Scorpio Mentioned on Video at AMD’s CES 2017 Ryzen/Vega Booth

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Crisp    3,271

Xbox Scorpio Mentioned on Video at AMD’s CES 2017 Ryzen/Vega Booth


This is an interesting one. CES 2017 is well on the way, as you must have noticed by scrolling through our website in the past couple of days, which means that many attendees are strolling through the booths.


Japanese website 4Gamer.net snapped the picture embedded below, which shows Xbox Scorpio’s mention during the New Horizon livestream.




This fueled speculation that the Xbox Scorpio might be powered by either or even both of AMD’s new CPU/GPU architectures. Of course, right now there’s no actual confirmation of this but it would certainly back Microsoft’s boast of the most powerful console ever created; the price tag would inevitably be higher as well, though.


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