Replacing my Tivo with a custom build?

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So i've had a Tivo forever now, years, and always pay the 149.99 yearly renewal fee. It's still cheaper than getting a DVR through my cable company, and the Tivo OS is by far better than whatever my cable company experiments with.


I've been using a cablecard with my Tivo, for about 2 bucks a month.


Has anyone built out a DVR sized rig lately that can accept a cablecard? What OS/software do you run that is capable of playing and recording LiveTV? Bonus points if it can do Netflix and Hulu. What kind of hardware? I see a lot of Linux variants. I hesitant on going the Media Center route as it's been dead since 8.1


I see USB cablecard adapters ones as well as PCI.


Looked around and I can actually get a pretty decent build setup for about the same price as the annual renewal rate.


My other option is to go the PS Vue/DirectTV Now route. Tried sling and was sorely disappointed, but Vue was pretty solid, wish they carried locals though.

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