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SCCM 1610 & Capuring/Deploying Windows 10 Education 1607

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Daedroth    492

We have upgraded our SCCM to 1610, the server has ADK 1610 installed and we would like to start testing Windows 10 Education 1607 x64. For this I would need to create a reference Windows 10 image that I can use as a base image to create Task Sequences around for our different hardware. I have never done this before, nor have I ever used 'sysprep' before (though I don't believe that is necessary for the later OS's), so I'm after a little advice or a good guide that I can follow that will help me through it step by step.

I have followed this guide: https://www.systemcenterdudes.com/sccm-windows-10-build-and-capture-task-sequence/. However, it simply pushed Windows 10 to the VM I was using and immediately captured it. I'd like to perform some necessary changes to the OS before it is captured, such as enabling .NET 3.5 (as I've never got this to work via Task Sequence)

Can anybody help?

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