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PS4 Skyrim Modding


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So I'm playing Skyrim again, this time on the PS4.  I'm siding with the Imperials and there are a few things that bother me that I'm hoping are easy to mod.

My understanding is that loading a mod disables trophies so I won't be doing this right away but eventually for long term play I'd like to make a mod that does:


1) Change Imperial Heavy Armor stats to match Steel Armor. (it uses steel anyway to upgrade so I don't want to be disadvantaged just because I want to look like an Imperial)

2) "Correct" Roman titles (if possible) so General (i.e. General Tullius) becomes Legate and Legate becomes Tribune.  I say "correct" in quotes because of course it's Bethesda's game and they can use whatever titles they like but the titles are so Roman it bugs me that they're "wrong" in a Roman sense.  In the Roman Empire Legate = General, and the Legates officer staff were Tribunes.  Hopefully strings are editable by mods but I suspect the voices may still call my Tribunes "Legate Rikke" even if I can edit the text, I guess that's just something I'm going to have to live with.


So my questions are a few:

1) I'd like confirmation that mods do in fact disable trophies so I know not to do this right away.

2) I'd like anyone who knows to let me know if these are even possible on PS4 mods.

3) I'd like info (or a pointer to info) on how one goes about making mods for the PS4... is it possible on the PS4 itself or do I have to make the mod on PC.


I can of course look all this up myself so it's no big deal if no one responds to this but it's slow at work right now, rofl... and work unfortunately blocks most of the sites my google fu says would explain it.  It sure would be handy if my follow gamers had this all done for me when I got home tonight, rofl.  Also if you want to discuss Skyrim on PS4 in general I'm not opposed to this turning into a general Skyrim on PS4 thread. :-)



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1 - Correct, enabling mods, disables trophies Source

2 -  Here's a list of the mods, it's probably easier to find exactly what you're looking for yourself Source

3 - Looks like you use Creation Kit via Looks to be the same way you create/upload mods for PC

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