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[HELP!] Virtualization is being a total brat.



Basically, Since i copied a Windows XP iso to a flash drive for installation on another physical computer, Which got BSOD 7B because of.. whatever, up until then, every attempt to work a virtual machine ON MY MAIN COMPUTER has worked like an absolute CHARM. Now, since then, virtualization has been a total brat by giving me the same problem: I CAN ONLY FREAKING INSTALL VISTA AND UP IN VIRTUAL MACHINES NOW!? What is this crap, why is both Virtualbox and VMware workstation being a total brat now, and how can i fix it? This is starting to get annoying, AND I WANT TO HAVE FREEDOM from this problem once more! I have been using all kinds of different ISOs of earlier versions than vista to no avail, never worked since. My main thing is that i want to start a Windows Beta evolution series on my youtube channel, but i can't do it while virtualization is being a total bell-faced brat.

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I think you're going to need to start giving out some more information.


What versions of VirtualBox/Workstation?

Have you checked those versions for compatibility on the OS's you wish to install?

Why can't you install it, what are the symptoms, error messages etc?

Is it set for UEFI boot for example that only allows for the newer OS's?

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There is nothing wrong with your virtualization software.  The problem is the operating system you are trying to install (Windows XP) is so old that it does not support the SATA disk interfaces which appear in the virtual machines.


Either change the virtual machine to use PATA (IDE) drives instead of SATA, or add SATA drivers to the Windows XP installation media.




Aryeh Goretsky

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