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Today's episode of Only Me....

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slamfire92    1,290

So I'm prepping a new HP Elitedesk 800g2 for an employee. I get everything hooked up and insert a flash drive. A Sandisk Cruzer blade. Used it plenty of times on other PCs. It goes in a bit tight, but the ports are new, so expected. Damn thing not detected. Took it out and tried it in my PC and it works fine. I plug in a different flash drive and doesn't detect that one either. 


I take a second flash drive and plug it into the port above the non working port. Works, no issues. Thinking "Well I guess the bottom port went bad". For giggles, I plug in the first flash drive and it won't work in that port either. Proceed to plug plug in the flash drive that just worked and now it won't work, either. So, I've now apparently wrecked not one, but two new USB ports on a new PC with this flash drive for God only knows what reason.....


There is nothing wrong visually with this drive. It's end is plastic vs. metal but that's it. Works fine in all other PCs but I guess it's krytonite for this model. 


/end Monday 

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