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Advertising updates on Neowin (applies also to guests pls read)


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Hi all, we've been having some trouble with one of our remnant provider and their ad serving. 


A "Remnant provider" is an ad company that attempts to sell our unsold inventory that our direct ad partner can't sell. A lot of ad companies claim to be able to "fill" at close to 100% but in reality this never happens, so that's why we had a total of three.


Anyway long story short, the second ad partner for the remnant revenue stopped delivering the 300x250 square ads around two weeks ago, and despite a lot of emailing, the issue wasn't resolved, so I have instructed our primary ad partner to directly passback to Neowin's own AdSense (which used to be 3rd in the chain).


This has two benefits:

  • We now control all of the (remnant) ads and can block any "bad ones" in our own AdSense dashboard
  • The ads are now being loaded asynchronously, meaning the page does not wait for the ads to load

This update took place last night around 9 hours ago.


I would just ask that if you have been having trouble with the ads and blacklisted us with an ad blocker, give us another shot please!


And to all guests reading this. We serve fewer and smaller ads when you are logged in (this includes mobile view), create an account, it's free and gives you an even more streamlined experience :)


If you love Neowin and think we're doing a great job, you can also opt for an ad free subscription (to show support) by purchasing a Tier 2 subscription ($28 per year), or the basic "Tier 1" one ($14) and allow ads to still show. Our pricing hasn't changed for the last ten years or so!


Thanks for your continued support! (Y) 


I'll be checking over the ad code today in the forums to ensure we haven't missed any tags from our remnant partner.

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1 hour ago, Steven P. said:

A "Remnant provider" is an ad company that attempts to sell our unsold inventory that our direct ad partner can't sell. 

Sorry but I am not understanding that part of what you said. In this case what an inventory?

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ad spots are called inventory :p which means x number of adverts that can be sold into the site.

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I am pretty sure that all flash based ads are now HTML5 and if you see a flash one, it should be disabled by default in Chrome or Firefox anyway?

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