How much processing power is enough for mdadm?

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Hello. I am currently using RAID 1 (4TB X 2)as a motherboard feature with my Linux machine, lately I came across issues of not detecting properly when I moved to Ubuntu 16.04 64bit. So I was thinking if switching to software RAID instead of hardware raid using mdadm.


The question here, how much processing power will I need in order for this to work? and my machine runs smoothly? Considering that my machine is from 2011.


Note: I have about 1TB of data. Will this be a heavy on the machine?


Please advice me.

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I think Mdadm doesn't use much of anything. It is nice to old systems, iirc...


I'd wait for someone else here.


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It's used by all of those standalone NAS boxes, some with tiny ARM CPU's

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