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Advertising tweaks for members and guests

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Steven P.    14,699

Hi all,


I have (with the help of @DaveLegg) tweaked the adverts to not be so overwhelming for guests and members.


The "billboard" sized ad has been moved to the footer and replaced with a smaller 729x90 one for the top, and in the sidebar on both news and forums, the "halfpage" (300x600) for guests has been moved down a position (news and forums) so it doesn't overwhelm the top of the page.


I haven't been given the "all clear" by my advertiser for this, but I have mailed about the overwhelming state of the ads.


We work hard to bring you a stable website and this all costs money, I hope that with this update the people who block ads reconsider, or you can get a years worth of adfree for $28 if you visit and enjoy Neowin enough to warrant (and support) it! :)


As always, feedback is welcomed, we listen, but also understand we pay thousands a month in costs to multiple staff! and servers/licensing etc.

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