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Drupal Contributors Threaten to Quit After a Developer is Banned for His Private Sex Life

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Drupal Contributors Threaten to Quit After a Developer is Banned for His Private Sex Life
By Ian Miles Cheong | 10:17 pm, April 15, 2017


Drupal developers are threatening to quit unless Larry Garfield, a developer who was summarily removed from the development community for his unconventional sex life, is reinstated. Garfield, a long-time contributor to Drupal and PHP communities, was banned after he was outed for his private interest in BDSM and the Gorean “lifestyle.”

Gorean living is a form of consensual role-play, based on a series of science fiction novels by John Norman. It’s a sexual subjugation fantasy, in which male participants take on the role of master, and women role play as slaves.  It’s everything feminists hate.

Acquia CTO and Drupal trademark owner Dries Buytaert claims he asked Garfield to leave “because it came to my attention that he holds views that are in opposition to the values of the Drupal project.”


The community of Drupal developers, committers, and funders is furious about the actions taken against Garfield, and banded together in an open letter directed to Dries Buytaert,  to threaten their support of the project unless Garfield is reinstated.





Larry Garfield, a long-time, veteran contributor to Drupal was ejected from the community, allegedly not for breaking the Code of Conduct, but, to quote your own post on the matter, because “he holds views that are in opposition with the values of the Drupal project."
To reach this decision, a member of the Drupal community allegedly dredged up information from non-Drupal spaces, including illegally obtaining information from members-only websites (by violating their terms of use). With the full knowledge of the Community Working Group (CWG),  known Drupal members allegedly used whisper and smear campaigns, harassment, intimidation, and bullying to achieve their goal of purging Larry for his behavior in unrelated communities—completely disregarding our long-standing values of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, anti-discrimination, and anti-harassment.

Open Letter,

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