Netflix: The Witcher TV Series (December 20th, 2019)


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10 hours ago, Nick H. said:

I've started watching it and I've got to say I'm enjoying it. I read a BBC review first which pointed out that it's trying to do a GoT thing politically which will turn people off. I admit that the first episode threw so many names and factions around that I started to glaze over. But once it got going I was able to ignore the various unknown names and focus on the main plots.


And while I haven't played the games or read the books, if I compare Henry Cavill to the gameplay footage I've seen I've got to say I find his lookalike to be really suited for the part.


I'll continue watching, and I'm already geared up for season two. It's a pity that if it happens it will be a while.

Season 2 is already in the works but it'll be in 2021 it looks like, which is quite the wait now.


And I wouldn't worry so much about the whole political bit, it's not too heavy from what I remember.

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Finished the first season.


Yen's backstory makes her a weak character. In the books and the games, Yennefer is depicted as powerful and highly intelligent - significantly above the rest. In the series, pretty much a magical hunchback. Additionally they did't explain magic like they did in books (when Yen is teaching Ciri). Overall my view of Netflix Yen is negative, unlike the book Yen.


The short stories they did cover were trimmed down. Which I think is a really bad decision. The short stories are really fun and well written. The choice to avoid a season or two of stories from Last Wish and Sword of Destiny was, I'm hoping, due to Netflix's potato budget - very unfortunate.


Because they decided to rush things more than the last season of GOT, the relationship between Geralt and Yen is not as fleshed out as it should be. The whole getting back together and dumping each other a few times really didn't come across that well. That short story where its a love triangle should've been in there.


Ciri has too much screen time and shouldn't have been introduced so early. She is boring. She doesn't become interesting until later on.

Also the changes of the relationship between Geralt and Calanthe as well as how Geralt meets Ciri is really bad. Why change that? Why rush these parts? It made the queen less likable than in the books.


Also, the elephant in the room. The actress playing Yen doesn't look Polish - looks Indian - but its not a Bollywood movie. Netflix didn't bother getting white / Polish actors for most roles - and the didn't bother having attractive women either for the sorceresses. The woke casting really put me off.


Additionally juggling three time periods in the same episode just confused people I've talked to about the show.


Overall a 2/5 - Extremely rushed - should've been at least two seasons before the fall of Cintra. Actors playing roles when the look nothing like they should in books. Content not in books feels like fan fiction from Deviant Art. I'm hoping that the second season is not rushed this much.


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13 minutes ago, George P said:

The Witcher season 2 starts filming, new cast and characters announced.


The wait is what sucks with netflix series.


Netflix has even more stories of The Witcher coming as well, as the streaming company announced that an animated movie, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, is in development with showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and writer Beau DeMayo overseeing the spinoff. Nightmare of the Wolf does not have a release date.

hmm.  a cartoon.. hope it is not terrible...

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Finally got around to watching it ... I enjoyed it (without any prior knowledge of The Witcher character/books/games/etc.)


Was a bit confused at what was going on at times ... though around Episode 7 everything started clicking.  Still not sure what a "Witcher" is ... guessing just someone (or something) that kills monsters and has some weak magic ability?


Looking forward to Season 2 ... 

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1 minute ago, Jim K said:

Finally got around to watching it ... I enjoyed it (without any prior knowledge of The Witcher character/books/games/etc.)


Was a bit confused at what was going on at times ... though around Episode 7 everything started clicking.  Still not sure what a "Witcher" is ... guessing just someone (or something) that kills monsters and has a some weak magic ability?


Looking forward to Season 2 ... 

They're monster hunters for hire, basically.  But they're enhanced humans with some magic so yeah.

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Season  2 has finished filming.   Just waiting for a release date now.

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Prequel animated series coming on the 23rd.  

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