Teenager sets fire to ATM, extinguishes flames with his own urin after getting fired from his job

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After getting fired from his job at a factory, one young man decided to take his vengeance out on the world the best way that he knew how.

Surveillance footage from inside an ATM stall at a Shanghai bank shot at around 1 a.m. on May 6th shows a 19-year-old man surnamed Li carrying out his masterful plan for revenge. First, Li uses a black marker to color over the lens of the camera. Then, he takes out a hammer from his bag and starts smashing the ATM.

Next, he draws out a small container of lighter fluid which he squirts on the ATM before setting the machine alight.

With the fire raging, Li then becomes concerned that the blaze could grow out of control. After blowing on the flames doesn't work, Li gets a better idea, unzipping his pants and urinating on the fiery ATM.

Li was arrested recently by police in Pudong for the destruction of the ATM. The machine is reported to have been worth around 120,000 yuan. It appears that Li will have a hard time paying the bank back for the ATM. Here's how he explained his motive for the crime to the police: "Since I don't have any money, I want to make sure that other people can't get their money either."


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