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46 minutes ago, The Evil Overlord said:

That's one of the main reasons I like cars that don't have mechanical, or other features shunted through the stereo, I like my aftermarket set ups,

(some factory units are forgiving, and will work if reshunted to an aftermarket amp/speakers/subs, but you're lucky if you happen to get those, too many will 'trip' a circuit, or worse).

It's only the climate controls that are done through it.  Which, is pretty important when it gets to 35+(95F+) in summer!  It's a bugger, but I'm hoping something will be done.  I've also got a reverse camera.  But the harness Ford uses is the same across the world on Sync 2 and the new Sync 3.  I live in hope.

I'm not too concerned with the stereo, but in the future I'll need a bigger amp, and some better splits at least. 

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