Court ruling nullifies US requirement that hobbyists register drones

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A federal appeals court on Friday struck down a regulation requiring the public to register drones. The US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia found that the Federal Aviation Administration did not have the authority to regulate so-called "model aircraft."


If it stands, the decision (PDF) means that the public does not have to abide by the FAA requirement established in 2015. The ruling is not yet enforceable, however, as the court gave the FAA seven days (PDF) to consider its legal options.


To legally fly a drone, hobbyists are currently required to pay a $5 fee and dole out their name, home address, and e-mail address. They must display a registration sticker on the drone that includes a number unique to the registered drone.




Full article at Ars Technica

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Issue still is not over I am betting.  And if people were not idiots with these things and flying them where they are prohibited, then it would never have been an issue.

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