Microsoft promotion adding second controller to Xbox One S bundles (The Netherlands)

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Steven P.


I have been on the fence about getting my first Xbox, but took the plunge now because there's a promo where a second controller is thrown in (worth €52.99). I ordered this one at Bol


Quite a few retailers are taking part, but I couldn't find that offer on Coolblue (which is also slightly more expensive than


Takeaways from deciding to get one now:

  • Cheap with second controller thrown in
  • I won't be among the first to get the Scorpio (Holiday 2017)
  • I don't own a 4K TV yet - probably towards the end of the year
  • Doubt I need 1TB variant, if I suddenly do, I'll get an external HDD instead

I don't know how long this extra controller promotion is for because it doesn't say on the Microsoft page.

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Welcome to the club :) You'll have to let us know your thoughts when you have it delivered.


Also be sure to join the Neowin Club - Neowin Gamers Hangout



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Steven P.

I'm not really a "gamer" but I like racing games (hope Forza 3 is good) :p and I intend to get We Happy Few as well, looks really good!

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