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Cop Who Was Fired For NOT Shooting Suicidal Man Sues City

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eemm    19

In numerous instances, U.S. police have chosen fire their weapons and ask questions later, rather than take the time to comprehend and de-escalate situations. Though this has outraged millions, rarely are there repercussions for the officers who needlessly take lives.Considering this tragedy persists, it is curious – if not outrageous – that a police officer was fired for not shooting a man who was clearly in need of psychological assistance and posed no immediate threat to those around him.

Source: https://truththeory.com/2017/05/26/cop-fired-not-shooting-suicidal-man-sues-city

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DocM    16,670

That's a tough one. 


The officer had convinced himself the man was harmless and the firearm empty, but the other officers arriving on the scene had no way to determine the correctness of his wave-off. It's also clear this was a planned 'suicide by cop.'


Can't blame the officer on the scene, who was in possession of the most situational knowledge, for not shooting. He's trying to talk the guy down.


Can't blame the late comers for shooting. They felt a fellow officer was in mortal danger. 


We CAN blame the city Monday-morning quarterbacks for being asshats and firing him.  At most, a repremand. Tops.

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