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iPod Touch 5th generation; slow down...

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kiddingguy    87

Although I have no proof, I kinda "suspect" hardware firms from making older generations of devices slower than it should be.

Also connecting to my WiFi etc.


Why? I currently own an iPod Touch 5th gen (2012) and had no problems before upgrading to the latest version (9.3.x) and WiFi connection.

Since this week, WiFi  mis-connections occur and the device is running and acting slower than before (and especially compared to earlier iOS 7, iOS8).


It's a good business model... don't get me wrong here. But the latest weeks the 'problems' I'm having with my iPod are stacking up.....


Am I right on this one? Or is it my imagination?

Or is the internal hardware slowing dying on me....?


(the same with computer hardware, but that's a different story/topic/thread ;))

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